The YAM-MIEST way to enjoy this pudding is through a straw.


Our March Pick evokes the feelings of nostalgia and freshness. Imagine a bakery inside a fridge. The purple creamy magic that reigns supreme and will have your taste buds doing the slow dance. You’d be surprised. There isn’t much going on in terms of ingredients, on their own they are pretty boring. Put them together, and suddenly, it’s like a lively school reunion. Tastes like a thick milky savory pudding that mom used to make. Now you can order it in a cup. Yam-SENG!

Bring Your Thirsty!


我们三月的 精选唤起怀旧和新鲜感。想象一下冰箱里的面包店。紫色的奶油魔法占据了至高无上的地位,让你的味蕾慢慢品尝, 就好像是妈妈从前制作的乳白色布丁。。。马上就来一杯吧!