A pioneer of the pearl milk tea in Taiwan, Chawanjia has always been about the highest quality preparation process and incremental improvement of its pearl milk tea products. “The use of good ingredients and practices beyond reproach are paramount to our tea bubbles’ brand-building concept”.

As such, we are a much-loved pearl milk tea brand and are no stranger to the urban scene. Tea bubbles of today have branched out from its original role as a gelatin-like substance that merely added a pleasant consuming experience - they now offer a myriad of wonderful “bite textures” that will sure to be a delightful experience at anytime. And Chawanjia use only the best fruit and vegetable extracts for our bubble teas. Which is why you get that pleasant, lingering after-taste that is unmistakably, Chawanjia’s milk tea and its pearls’ magic at work. Also, through the natural process of making these pearls, we yielded pleasant colours that really added a unique look with characteristics and taste of our many variations, that is sure to whet anyone’s appetite for the best bubble teas in town.

The achievement of this craft took 30 years of sole pursuit.
To make every pearl a work of art.

Derived from the Thai staple of cassava roots

Thrice refined with highly advanced techniques

The whiter it is, the lesser its impurities

Each alpine tea leaf is traditionally charcoal-roasted

After 8 hours of continual roasting to bring out its scent

It becomes an exceptional tea product with a faint malty fragrance

With sugar cane from Taiwan’s Alishan as the main ingredient

The quality of our sugar is extremely high

Earning it the title of “sweet gold”.

Each pearl is handmade with traditional Taiwanese techniques

By integrating every component perfectly integrated with one another

Each pearl is chewier, finer, and smoother