Our Brand Story

Always welcoming the opportunity to expand Chá wán jiā Tea Bubble’s business plans, our next esteemed partner could be you.

Our commitment to quality is to provide continuous support to aid in your operation of the business, in the role as regional technical advisor and stokist.

Chá wán jiā, a well-loved marquee brand from China, we currently have 700 outlets throughout its home country, including Vietnam, Japan, Canada, Australia and now that it is also in Malaysia, Chá wán jiā Tea Bubble is poised to grow even more.

Here’s why you should get in on the business opportunity – Our point of difference. This brand specializes in highly-crafted bubble teas, made with the best ingredient and priced competitively. Our selection is not your usual utility beverage like the ones you currently see in the market.

Our version is freshly brewed daily, the pearls are made of the choicest natural ingredients and every element that makes our bubble teas so desirable, are lovingly put together by our artisan tea makers.  

Our outlet design & Concept

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